The Netherlands

Instant Payments Are the New Normal

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The Netherlands is a frontrunners with Instant Payments in the eurozone. In 2019 seven banks representing over 95% of all Dutch bank customers had launched Instant Payments as their primary payment method for SEPA Credit Transfers (SCTs).


In early 2015 six major Dutch banks agreed to build an Instant Payments infrastructure, with a collective programme organized and supervised by the Dutch Payments Association. Another bank joined later in the programme. These banks were all committed to offer Instant Payments to every customer using mobile and online banking in 2019: ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank, three Volksbank brands and Knab.

The Dutch central bank and umbrella organisations for retailers and consumers, were also involved from the start. All the participants shared a vision that Instant Payments should become the normal way to pay ...

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