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After the financial crisis and despite the PPI, Libor or forex scandals, the City still counts on many ​advantages from the tangible, such as regulation, business environment, people and infrastructure, to the intangible such as history, location and reputation. Alan Yarrow will spend one third of his time around the world selling this sector to the key international markets.


The financial and professional services industry is a huge engine of growth for the whole of the UK – not just London. It accounts for 2.1 million jobs across the country – two-thirds of which are outside the capital, yet many people assume that London is the be-all and end-all for ‘City’ jobs. The reality is so much more than that. Glasgow has the second largest number of accountants in the UK. Birmingham has over 22,000 people working in the legal sector. JP Morgan is the biggest employer in Dorset behind the local council. There are companies and leading institutions ...

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