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Capital Markets Union: State of Play And What Lies Ahead

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Four years since the European Commission adopted the action plan on the Capital Markets Union (CMU), a lot has been done to further integrate and deepen the EU’s capital markets.  While there has been real progress in facilitating cross border investments and innovative financing, there are still many challenges lying ahead – something the new Commission is committed to tackling head on.


In Europe the need for substantial investments in infrastructure [1] , new technologies and the successful transition to a greener economy is enormous.

According to the European Investment Bank's 2016 estimates, the EU's economic infrastructure investment needs could be as much as €688 billion per year until 2020, while additional estimates for social infrastructure suggest that the investment gap for health, education and social housing is around €142 billion per year. According to the Commission's 2018 strategic plan [2] for a climate-neutral economy, around €520-575 billion ...

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