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Mind The Gap – XBRL isn’t just an output format!

There are four main area’s to be aware of that firms need to encompass into their existing XBRL strategies : the growth of XBRL uses; gaps in co-ordination across the enterprise; gaps in skills for this emerging world; and gaps in completeness of strategy for the next five years.


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Reporting réglementaire : nouvelles exigences et mises en pratique

There can’t be many firms who now don’t know what XBRL is but as a reminder, it stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. The reason it matters is that the overall banking regulator for Europe, the EBA, has mandated use as the Implementation Technical Standard for submission of data for the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV). It’s important therefore that regulated firms have a good and increasing understanding of what this will mean for the way they prepare their regulatory returns to comply with CRD IV – especially as it relates to the CoReP and FinReP data sets, which must ...
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Reporting réglementaire : nouvelles exigences et mise en pratique

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