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Welcome to the Age of Collateral Management

Collateral management is a priority for financial institutions and systems in place are not adequate to manage this challenge. Clearstream took the decision some years ago to invest in developing its collateral management services, from triparty repo to a global outsourcing solution.

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  • Stefan Lepp, Clearstream
    • Head of Global Securities Financing
      Clearstream International
    • CEO
      Clearstream Banking Frankfurt

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Le collatéral, précieuse matière première

Once upon a time, collateral management was considered a marginal activity, a nice-to-have capability regarded as a value-added activity, an extra. In just a few years, everything has changed. Collateral management is now a key priority for both financial and non-financial institutions and has shifted from a back-office discussion to debates at board level across the world. Today, however, many organisations are not sufficiently equipped with the technical systems necessary to carry out sophisticated collateral management; the industry faces enormous challenges but solutions are ...
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Le collatéral, précieuse matière première

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