Capital and liquidity standards

G20 Leaders’ Summit in Seoul and the adoption of Basel III

Basel III’s new standards are some of the few concrete achievements of the recent G20 Seoul Summit. While the stacks are high, this well-known subject can not be considered as totally completed. Implementation is now proving to be quite as difficult as the initial negotiations


  • Ivan Savic
    • Senior Researcher
      G20 Research Group, University of Toronto

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Last week in Seoul the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) presented the G20 with a new set of capital and liquidity standards for the banking industry. For its part, the G20 has pledged that it will begin implementing of the so-called Basel III agreement as early as the beginning of next year. This represents an ambitious attempt to shore up the vulnerabilities in the banking sector that lead to the recent crisis.New rules…However, while this is a move in the right direction, there are still two issues that have to be resolved before Basel III can be called a success. First, the ...
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