Cet article appartient au dossier : Brexit : et après ?.Cet article appartient au dossier : Le Brexit : et après ?.

European Finance in a post-Brexit era

What impact will Brexit have on fintech start-ups?

Numerous key factors will determine the success of UK fintech startups in a post-Brexit era, such as regulatory and passporting rights, continued investment and access to capital, and the UK’s continued attraction for fintech entrepreneurs.



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Brexit et après ?

The UK’s decision to withdraw itself from the European Union on June 2016 sent shockwaves throughout the entire financial technology sector. Since then, the ramifications of Brexit have had many UK-established fintech start-ups questioning their place within the current ecosystem. This is exacerbated by the fact that London has so far been the premier hub for fintech companies in Europe, with champions like Revolut or Kantox headquartered in the capital, and $783M invested in the industry last year alone. Fintech businesses are maturing on a global scale, and investments are as ripe as ...
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Brexit : et après ?

Le Brexit : et après ?

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