Cet article appartient au dossier : Brexit : et après ?.Cet article appartient au dossier : Le Brexit : et après ?.

In a Changing World

Towards development of new financial networks post-Brexit

Relocation following the Brexit will probably be widespread throughout continental Europe.  And as most financial services will increasingly become available on mobile devices and on the cloud, the very concept of a financial center could become less crucial. Simultaneously, the Eurozone should continue the completion of the banking union and the capital markets union, and even go further in centralizing decisions in the fiscal and political field.



  • Giorgio di Giorgio
    • Professor of Monetary Theory and Policy, Director of the Arcelli Center for Monetary and Financial Studies (CASMEF), Deputy Rector for Corporate and Business Relationships, Associate Dean for QTEM Affairs
      Universita’ LUISS Guido Carli

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Brexit et après ?

What could be the new balance between European places, and between European and other International financial places in a post-Brexit era ?Until now, there is little doubt that London has had a position of absolute supremacy in Europe’s financial landscape. Although it is likely to remain a relevant and important financial center in the future, Brexit clearly poses some challenges to the City. Advisory services and investment banking are probably not going to be too much affected in the short run ; however, it is likely that asset managers will gradually start relocating in other European ...
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Brexit : et après ?

Le Brexit : et après ?

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