Cet article appartient au dossier : Brexit : et après ?.Cet article appartient au dossier : Le Brexit : et après ?.

Post Brexit Dynamics : Shaping tomorrow’s landscape

Some clear trends can be identified in a post Brexit financial environment concerning the loss of the EU passport for British firms or the continuity of the access to financial services. But many uncertainties remain such as the revision of the “third country” equivalence regime and the outcome of the clearing dilemma.



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Brexit et après ?

One might be forgiven for thinking that the debate on the future of financial services in Europe after Brexit is exclusively the reflection of a struggle to win or retain business on both sides of the Channel. The reality is somewhat more complex. Beyond the unsurprising confrontation of different economic interests, the debate has several dimensions that need to be brought together to get a sense of where the European financial services industry is headed.Financial services firms based in the UK generate today circa £ 150 bn. per annum of revenues and, if ancillary services are included, ...
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Brexit : et après ?

Le Brexit : et après ?

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