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« To simplify banking and remove or abstract unnecessary friction »

Brett King’s position as the CEO and founder of Moven, named « Financial Innovator of the Year 2012 », gives him all legitimacy to express his opinion on innovation. His strategy does not focus on the underlying products, but on the utility of banking and the utility of a consumer's money.


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Innovation et nouvelles technologies : où en sont les banques ?

How the business model of Movenbank [1] is disrupting the retail banking model?Brett King: At Moven we started with trying to reimagine the bank account itself, based on the mobile phone – how would a smarter bank account function? What advantages would it give you from a context and interaction perspective? What problems could it solve? Then we tried to get rid of all the existing friction in servicing and managing customers to make it optimally efficient, getting rid of anything that didn't add direct value to the consumer. The easiest example of this removal of friction is that you ...
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Innovation et nouvelles technologies : où en sont les banques ?

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