• Any manuscript submitted for review must be original and not currently submitted for publication in another journal. Articles should be less than 20 pages double spaced (ideally 15 pages including graphs and notes). Shorter articles are also welcomed. Authors should provide an abstract of no more that 150 words.
  • Research published should be of interest to a sophisticated readership of investment practitioners, bankers and academics interested in practice-oriented type of research. Articles should be written in a style accessible to professional readership. Theoretical developments should as much as possible be relatively limited in the text (only the main results should be presented, details of the demonstrations should be left in the appendix). An empirical application of the results is encouraged.
  • Two versions of the manuscript (blind and with author’s names) should be sent to Marise Urbano :
  • A submission fee of 100 euros is requested. Submission fees will be paid via credit card (Visa, Mastercard..) as part of the submission procedure. Click here to pay your submission.